Ozone Healing Gel now available in Mauritius

We are thrilled to announce that Ozone Healing Gel and Ozone Jojoba Gel are now available in Mauritius. In January, we appointed Ico Heal as our agents and distributors for Mauritius.

In addition, Ico Heal will be exhibiting our products at a Mauritian Exhibition to be held in April of 2014. For more information, contact Ico Heal:

Tel: +230 54402128
Mobile: +230 59085171

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World Ozone Day talk on 702 Talk Radio

Charles Bowes-Taylor spoke to Jenny Crwys-Williams of 702 Talk Radio in Johannesburg on World Ozone Day about Ozone Healing Gel (our ozonated olive oil) and about Ozone’s many different uses and applications.

Did you know that the United Nations’ International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (World Ozone Day) is observed to commemorate the signing of what has become known as the ‘Montreal Protocol’?

It was on 16 September of 1987, that representatives of 24 countries gathered at Montreal and committed themselves to reduce and get rid of the chemicals which cause depletion of the valuable ozone layer. This was called the ‘Montréal Protocol’. On December 19 of 1994, the UN proclaimed that “Proclaims 16 September the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer as a commemoration of the date in 1987 on which the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed; to be observed, beginning in 1995.

The Ozone hole measured about 30 million square kilometers in 2000 and the Ozone hole in 2010 was down to 22 million square kilometers.

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Ozone Healing Gel in the press

Our Ozone Topical Gels have found their way into the following issues of these fine publications:

  • South Magazine
  • Prestige Magazine
  • Mammas & Pappas Magazine
  • Baba & Kleuter Magazine
  • Marie Claire
  • Good Housekeeping
  • House and Leisure
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World Ozone Day

World Ozone Day – 16th September Charles Bowes-Taylor chatted to Deon Van Rensburg of Radio Wave in Namibia about Ozone and its many applications. Ozone Healing Gel and Ozone Jojoba Gels are now available in good pharmacies and health stores in Namibia.

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