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Ozone is a very potent healing and sterilising agent. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory.
When Ozone is combined with a natural oil such as Olive, Jojoba or Hemp seed oil, it makes a truly remarkable skin healing aid known as an ‘ozonated oil’.

We started in 2001 with an all natural product that combined the sterilising properties of the Ozone molecule with a natural substance: cold-extracted, extra virgin Olive oil. The idea was to make a product that not only worked quickly but was also harmless and very simple.
Two ingredients only.
After extensive testing and with remarkable results, Ozone Olive Healing Gel was introduced to doctors in Cape Town in 2001 who were practicing various forms of ozone/oxygen therapies. They were impressed with its simplicity and rapid healing properties and all began endorsing Ozone Olive Healing Gel.
This is our original ‘Regular Strength’ general purpose classic product.
Ozone Jojoba Healing Gel was formulated in 2011 as a response to consumers’ feedback. It has a softer and more natural aroma, has a non greasy application and has definitive moisturising properties.
It is the ‘Gentle Strength’ in our range.
We have just released Ozone Hemp Healing Gel and it is a blend of imported pure Hemp seed oil and ozone. We wanted to add another product into our range that could be used on applications where a very powerful healing and disinfecting agent is needed.
This is our ‘Super Strength’ version.

“I originally developed Ozone Healing Gel (an ozonated olive oil) in 2001 out of sheer desperation and frustration caused by my own facial eczema. I was tired of using products that did not work and that damaged my skin”

Charles Bowes-Taylor
Founder, The Ozone Company

About our Ozone Healing Gels

Ozone is also known as ‘activated oxygen’ and it destroys micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses) extremely effectively. This is why our products are applicable to a wide variety of skin ailments, including: Pimples (bacterial), Cold sores (microbial), Athletes Foot (fungal), Eczema (fungal) and Psoriasis (fungal)…

Our Ozone Healing Gels have shown to be extremely successful in the treatment of eczema and many other skin ailments without the harmful side-effects of conventional preparations. A powerful combination of Ozone and either Olive oil, Jojoba oil or Hemp seed oil, they are used for the following skin ailments:

Ear Infections
Open Wounds
Recent Scarring

Athlete’s Foot
Cold Sores
Fungal Infections
Hot Spots

Bed Sores
Insect Bites

Our Ozone Healing Gels are currently being used by medical professionals including doctors, dentists, veterinary practices and podiatrists.
Medical professionals currently using our gels include:

  • Dr Bernard Brom,
  • Dr Raoul Goldberg,
  • Dr Attie Vermaas,
  • Dr Jon Morley.

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…relief from fungal infections has changed my life in more ways than I can express…

I’m increasingly asked for effective topical anti-microbial products that are natural in origin…

…I’m looking for a potent anti-bacterial that’s gentle enough for use every day…

…Physical scarring need not create
emotional ones…

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