What is Ozone?

Ozone is reactive and exists naturally in the Ozone layer or in a lightning storm where the air is crisp and pure. Ozone is a very potent purification & healing agent and destroys anaerobic micro-organisms rapidly.

In other words bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses stand no chance of survival when exposed to even small quantities of Ozone. Ozone is stronger than chlorine or even hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, with these properties in mind, it makes sense that Ozone can be used to treat a wide range of diseases.

Ozone and Medicine

What is “Ozone Therapy”?

It is based on a fairly simple principal. Unlike healthy human cells that love oxygen, the disease causing viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites – including HIV & cancer virons, arthritis microbes, and others – like most primitive lower life forms, are almost all anaerobic. That means these microbes cannot live in oxygen. Therefore, what would happen to these anaerobic viruses and bacteria if they were to be completely surrounded with a very energetic form of pure oxygen for a long time? What if enough of this special form of oxygen/ozone was to be slowly and harmlessly introduced into the body daily, over the course of a few months, by bypassing the lungs, and yet eventually saturating all the bodily fluids and every cell with it? Wouldn’t the disease causing microbes that can’t live in oxygen cease to exist?

All 30 or so oxygen therapies, including ozone, work because they flood the body with Nature’s single oxygen atoms. Singlet oxygen and its by-products are very energetic oxidizers – they “burn up” waste products, pollution, and microbes. They can’t protect themselves because they are either inert, or lower life forms.

Normal body cells protect themselves from the oxidizing effects of oxygen by naturally producing their own protective antioxidant coatings.

We are 66% water. Most European and many American cities purify their municipal drinking water by bubbling ozone through it to destroy all possible bacteria and viruses.

Most bottled water in the United States goes through the same ozone purification methods. Since the body is two-thirds water (we are internally permeated with fluids), the same purification principals would directly apply to us. Ozone is simply infused through the personal body liquids to sterilize and purify them.

This method has been successfully applied to the human body by knowledgeable doctors treating diseased persons for over 100 years. It’s simple. Our natural intake of oxygen from food, air, & water is the way Nature intended us to keep healthy and clean by naturally oxidizing away the microbes and toxins. Unfortunately, due to human ego and greed, mankind has polluted the Eco-system, cut down the rainforests, and ruined the oceans.

The two sources of where the oxygen all comes from. So because we are all oxygen deficient, our bodies can no longer take out (oxidize) the trash. Even the ozone layer above us that protects us from ultraviolet rays is born when the rainforests make the oxygen that eventually turns into ozone. The removal of our planet’s oxygen generating forests is directly related to the diminishing holes in the ozone layer.

Our Topical Gels utilize the natural properties of Ozone for our benefit. Its application is external and topical, impacting positively on the system by killing anaerobic organisms without affecting aerobic and healthy organisms.

Where else is Ozone used?

There are a great many uses of Ozone so we’ve just mentioned a few:

The most common application of Ozone worldwide is for the purification treatment of water. Not only does it destroy all harmful contamination in the water but also it leaves no chemical residual, as does chlorine. It is also used in food and vegetable storage & transport environments to prevent loss through bacterial and fungal decay.

Winemakers use water that has been infused with Ozone (ozonated) to decontaminate wine barrels prior to filling. This provides a healthier alternative to using harsh and abrasive chemicals. As a matter of interest this company was involved with the development and establishment of the first Ozone system to do this process in South Africa.

Many hotels use portable Ozone generators to sterilize and deodorise rooms. It removes odours most successfully and leaves rooms smelling very fresh.

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